Universal Studios

So today is the first day of July. This means three things:

1. Happy Canada Day!
2. It was exactly one year ago today that we moved from Chile to California
3. My sister's baby has yet to make it's debut so due to its tartiness she will now be having a July baby!

Well, yesterday it was our day off so we decided to drive over to Hollywood and go to Universal Studios. It was a really good day. We saw the Waterworld show (pictured above), went on a couple of rides, did the studio tour, and then headed over to the city walk for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. After dinner we watched Wall-E. It is such a good movie!! We both loved it.

Aaron and I on the studio tour tram
Skull Island from King Kong
Western Set
a special effects scene
War of the Worlds set
Mexican town set

the city walk


  1. ooo...i love that place!
    how was the simpsons ride...i want to go so bad!!

  2. The simpsons ride was awesome! It was the first ride we went on. Sooo good!

    If you want to go before you leave we'd definitely meet you there. We have a year pass so let me know.


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