Home Sweet Home

Well, I made it back home in one piece. I got held up a bit at immigration but they eventually let me through (thankfully!) My flight went great and Aaron was there to pick me up from LAX. I know I was only gone for a week but really I missed him! He was very happy to see me too and surprised me with a bouquet of roses. It's good to be home.

I am so thankful for having such a great visit with my family. I spent the last couple nights at my parent's home in the country. They took me on a walk around the forest on some new paths that they made and I brought along my camera for the ride. It will be great to see them again in November when they fly down to California for a visit.

Those wild raspberries were delicious! yum



  1. The ones with the bugs are cute, and the blue fence has got to be the neatest country picture ever :D it's such a creative angle.

    katie ^_^

  2. hay bales... i miss hay bales. we have those down in Georgia too. on my dad's farm.

    i miss Georgia.


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