one last hurrah

Aaron and I took our two oldest nephews to Hollywood for one last hurrah before they go back to school next week. We had such a great day at Universal Studios! We went on all the rides that we had time for and had a fun time on the studio tour which is my favorite. At the end of day Aaron and the boys went on one last ride and I walked around and had a chance to snap a couple pictures. After the park closed we strolled around the city walk for a while and then headed home.

the escalators that take you to the upper and lower lots

the studio tour - rain effects

Wisteria Lane (from Desperate Houswives)

Hooville (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)

Norman Bates from Psycho. ahhh!

There were people in the windows making
funny comments about the people below.

the city walk


  1. sarah you are killing me! i love this new set of pics! especially the fruit and the suitcase!

  2. As usual, nice pics!!

    By the way, how did you get your signature on your pictures? Did you use your computer or is it on your camera?

    katie =D

  3. Hey Kate, I just scanned a my signature onto the computer and I use a program called "iwatermark" that puts it on my pictures for me. Pretty cool huh? I'll see you soon at Jill's baby shower!

    Kels, you're too sweet. Love you!

  4. your pictures are INCREDIBLE! :)

  5. your pictures are beautiful.


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