photo shoot with zack

Today Jill and Darren went to an all-day seminar so my mom and I had Zack all to ourselves for the whole day. We took him and the dog for a walk in the morning and then we just hung out at home. I snuck in a few photo sessions in between naps, feedings and diaper changes. He did great and three wardrobe changes later here is what we came up with...

Hanging out with auntie

Having your picture taken all day sure wears you out!


  1. I have been loving your photo shoots of Zack over the past few days. Your pictures just capture him so well, or maybe it's the subject matter. His eyes just pop. Beautiful

  2. All very cute, the last one made me laugh! He definatly has red hair, looks good on him :D His little clothes are super cute, they must be so small!

    My favorites of these ones are the first one and the one with you and Zack - you look so happy with him!

    katie =^..^=


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