One Year in Mentone Beach

It is really September already?? This time last year we were moving into our new apartment in "Mentone Beach" (as the locals call it.) This made me realize that we've kept the same address for a whole year! That may not be an extraordinary feat for most of you but it's quite the milestone for us.

Sometimes I miss all the traveling and constant change of scenery but on the other hand, it's been nice to have our own space and to not live out of a suitcase. I do get that itch for change every so often and so I'll usually remedy it by revising something in our home. I'll rearrange the furniture, switch the pillows... even if it's something small like that I just need to change it up. Last night I decided to use some of my pictures to make a frame collage. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Change is good!


  1. I feel ya! We have yet to hit a year mark in ONE place so congrats to you! Looks like we're moving to Dallas in December if all goes to to plan and God lines everything up. Time for Daniel to get Chiropractic school underway. We're excited, nervous, anxious, a little bit everything about moving so soon (we thought we'd be in Temple for another year) but Daniel 2 years worth of school in 1 year, so after this semester here in Temple, he'll have one more semester at a college up there than Chiropractic starts in May. CRAZY!!!

    I love the pic from your house, very Martha Steward-ish! You should post more! I used my ulta wide angle zoom to capture ours for the fam, but it's not as Martha as yours! =0)

  2. Hey Jess, wow a move to Dallas and Chiropractic school for Daniel, That's great! I hope everything work out well.

    Hey, I've been looking at your photography site, your pics are awesome! What wide angle do you use? I've been looking for one.


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