We're in Utah!

We made a bit of a spontaneous decision and now we’re in Bear Lake, Utah! On Sunday, Aaron’s parents asked us if we would be interested in going away for the week. Mando’s dad and his wife have a timeshare in Utah and they invited us to go. We went over our schedule, juggled some things around, and said, “yes!”

We left late on Monday night and 12 hours later we were at Bear Lake. It was a long drive; we’re almost at the border of Idaho! It was worth it though, Utah is a gorgeous state. I’m loving the cool brisk air, the fall colors, and the peace and quiet.

This afternoon Aaron and Mando went to play some golf so Vangie, Domingo, Graciela and I went on a walk around the lake. After our walk we stopped at the drive in for some “famous” raspberry shakes. They were delicious!

We will be here until Friday and then we’ll make the long trip back home. Until then we are all enjoying our R&R.

the famous raspberry shake

Domingo & Graciela enjoying their sundaes


  1. What a fun little get away. Looks gorgeous in pictures :0) Like the new look on the blog too.


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