Thursdays Unplugged

Last night was the beginning of something we had been planning for a while.

At our church we have a Sunday morning service as well as a mid-week service on Thursday nights. Our format for Thursday was more or less parallel to Sunday morning.

We wanted to bring change, switch it up, get creative and give the mid-week service a different feel. On Sunday morning this is a sanctuary but on Thursdays we want it to be a living room. An intimate environment where we are free to express, free to come as we are, where we get connected, get inspired, and discover God in the unlikely places.

Last night was our very first "Thursday Unplugged." We started with some discussion and fellowship and then we had some acoustic worship with a guitar and a cajón. It was so simple and informal and yet intimate. After that, someone shared a monologue, I spoke for a bit and introduced the new format and Aaron closed us out. We got a lot of good feedback and I am really excited to see where this goes.

The monologue/poem from last night was so beautiful. Someone from our church wrote it and I wanted to share it with you:

It is time
It is time
It is time...

A new day is here
Change is happening
The wind has shifted
I once was blind but now I see

It is time...

Prepare yourselves; the great day of the Lord is here
Gather yourselves together... yes! Gather together
The light is near, they say... in the face of darkness

It is time...

I have given you gifts from above
Will you hide them forever???

But who am I?
I am ugly, short, fat, stupid, too young, too old, a hypocrite

But it is not you... but I that live in you!
It is time...

Don't say to me... four months, next week, tomorrow...
And then I will...
Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white with harvest

It is time...

I seek and find nothing
I knock and the door does not open
I listen and the silence is all I hear

Why?! Why?! Why?!

For too long you have trusted in your own ways
You have leaned on your own understanding
You have said, "I know, I know"
You say, "I get it!"

It is time...

He looks for a humble heart
A contrite spirit
He looks for the willing
Those who die to themselves

The death process... a new life
Come alive to your calling!
Come alive to your destiny!

It is time...

No more sounding brass
No more clanging symbol
Is this all there is... Just the letter of the law???

It is time...

A new language
A pure language I will give to you
Do not lose heart, do not grow weary

But wait, where are we going???
and is it very far???

Stay with me!!!
Hold on! Hold on!

It won't be long until your faith will be sight
I am with you!!!

For it is time...