Coronado Island

My parents arrived in California yesterday afternoon. They said that there was 5 inches of snow when they took off so they were quite pleased to be greeted by palm trees and sunny weather. We stopped by the house to see Audrey and Sergio and the kids. When Ivan, our youngest nephew, saw that my parents were there he got all excited and asked, "Did they come to see how big I got??" That kid is too funny... We went out for a nice dinner with Aaron's parents and then did a little shopping.

Today we drove down to San Diego and we spent the afternoon at Coronado Island. I had never been there myself and it is a gorgeous place! We walked along the beach and explored the grounds of Hotel Del Coronado. After the sun set we had a great dinner at a little Irish pub and then walked the main street.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Zoo and Balboa Park. So far it's a great start to our week with my parents.

My parents are having way too much fun. (:

Hotel del Coronado


  1. the picture of auntie joey and uncle neil jumping are hilarious XD the footprints in the sand are super neat!

    hope you have fun tomorrow!


  2. Sarah, you truly have a sensational gift!! You have such an amazing eye, you could really take this far! My faves are the spanish market with the pumpkin and the red tables and chairs. Seriously, amazing!!

  3. Tee hee. I'm just making a picture in my mind and wondering what your parents looked like when they landed the "jump".

  4. I see your nose ring!

    Your parents look like they are ten feet in the air. No shadow makes that a crazy shot.


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