Today we arrived in Oceanside. We are staying at an amazing hotel right on the marina, I love it! This is a beautiful town and we had a great day walking around and exploring the area. We went for lunch at a restaurant right on the end of the pier which was very fun. In the evening we watched, "Big Fish." It is one of my favorite movies and my parents had never seen it so I brought it along in case we were in the mood for a movie. I love the ending, I think that's why I like it so much, so if you're looking for something to rent you should check it out. Well, tomorrow we are skipping town again and continuing north to Laguna Beach.

A pelican having some lunch

The Oceanside Pier.
The building on the end is where we ate lunch

A shot of our hotel. Great location eh?


  1. love the lines and angles and colors of the first storefront/sidewalk shot.

    the pelican with the thing in his mouth? disturbing.


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