The Ortegas (that's us!)

Back at Thanksgiving time, our friend Frankie was house sitting in Hollywood. Aaron and I and a couple of friends drove out one evening to keep him company and to hang out. Frank had asked me back in October if I would take some family pictures for him and he is a gifted photographer himself so I suggested that we do a swap. Aaron and I haven't really gotten professional pictures since our wedding and I thought it would be nice to have some. When Frankie mentioned that the house he was taking care of used to belong to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers a little light bulb flickered above my head and I thought, "What a cool place for a photo shoot!" I am so happy with the way the photos came out, they are definitely Frankie style! :)

Well this last weekend was really memorable for us. On Sunday we had a special service and we were ordained as pastors of the church. The encouragement and the response from the congregation left us blown away. I couldn't be more proud of Aaron, he works so hard and has done an amazing job taking on the huge responsibilities that are involved in leading a church.

To be honest, I never pictured ourselves here. Aaron and I met on the mission field in Costa Rica and 9 months after we were married we moved to Chile to work in missions there. I guess I always thought that we would just travel and be missionaries but you can imagine our surprise when God led us back to California to work with the church. We are definitely not your typical pastors and I still find it funny to think of myself as a pastor's wife but we have really grown to love it here and it has been an amazing experience for us.


  1. Sarah those are beautiful!!! Congrats on becoming pastors, what an incredible calling. Being that you're happy where you are in a place you never thought you'd end up is always inspiring to hear. Daniel is such a planner, more than me which is crazy, and he wants to have everything planned out for our lives. He wants to make sure he can take of us which is important, but I long to throw a little care to the wind and see where we land. We'll see I guess! love you girl.

  2. love the photos!!

    so awesome!

    miss you guys!

    i love exclamation marks!!!!

  3. Hi, Saw your comments over at and dropped by.

    Nice work, but i'm curious... who took all the photos of you two in the sidebar? or did you set up a tripod and selftimer everywhere? :-)

    I love photography too but i prefer my subjects be of the floral kind (i should show more of my work on my blog i guess?)

    Am getting a new 10.2Mp digital for Christmas and i might have to 'widen my field' to include more people :-)

    Canadian accents rock! ;-)



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