Fashion Show

Aaron is taking a team from our church to Columbia this summer for two weeks. Well, our friend, Frankie who runs "The Visionary Arts Group" came up with a great idea to raise money for the trip. It may not be your typical fundraiser but we like to do things a little different around here and so we are having a fashion show! All clothing will be provided by the church's thrift store boutique and there will also be music, poetry, photography, and lots of other great stuff. If you are going to be in the San Bernardino area on March 14 be sure to come by. Tickets are $5 and you can email me if you would like more info.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Aaron and I spent the day in Orange County shooting a fantastic wedding for a wonderful couple. We had a lot of fun and when we got home we ordered take out and curled up and watched a movie (it was a documentary called "God Grew Tired of Us" and I absolutely recommend it!) It was a great Valentine's Day for me because I got to spend the whole day with my best friend. :)


  1. thats is pretty cool..
    i cant believe that im actually going to be there..
    cant wait to see you..


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