Well, we have totally been making good use of our year passes to Disneyland. Last Friday we spent all afternoon and evening there with Aaron's sister and her kids. Every other time I have gone to Disneyland it has just been me and Aaron so it was really neat to go with other people too. Me and my 5-year-old nephew partnered together for rides and it was awesome, it was like experiencing everything from a child's perspective. He was crying and absolutely terrified when we went to the Haunted Mansion and the whole time we were on the Soaring California ride he kept screaming, "This is so tight!" It was really funny...

Then on Monday Aaron and I went back and spent the day there by ourselves. We didn't go on too many rides but just walked around and did some "people-watching." There are so many details in this place which it makes it a really cool spot to take pictures (which of course we did.) Here are some photos from both visits.

Aaron was was using the telephoto zoom lens so I
didn't even notice that he was taking this picture!

Toon Town

Kaylee & Ivan

California Adventures


  1. I like the photo Aaron took of you. A moment you don't expect, but you still look good :0) I like trying to catch those types of moments.


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