Girl's weekend at Palm Springs

This past week Aaron and his dad have been in Canmore, Canada for a pastor's conference. Since me and my mother-in-law were husbandless, we got a group of girls together to spend the night at Palm Springs on Friday. Vangie and I headed over early and the room wasn't ready yet so we decided to check out a day spa that she had heard about. We asked one of the valet guys where the spa was and after pointing us in the right direction he offered us some coupons. Well the coupons happened to be free vouchers to the spa! It was so relaxing... we got big fluffy robes and there were people bringing us fresh fruit and drinks as we lounged by the pool. Best day ever! After the spa we met up with the girls for dinner and then kicked back at our room and watched movies.

This morning we hung out and then Vangie and I went to the airport to pick up our husbands. I was so happy to see Aaron! He is leaving to Columbia in 11 days so I have to enjoy our time together while I can. I'll be in Canada with my family while he is away so that will be nice.

Here are some sights from Palm springs. I took a walk this morning while the girls were still sleeping and this is what I found...