It's a...

Well, Aaron and I went to the doctor yesterday and we found out that we are having... a girl!! We are ecstatic and I can't even explain the emotions we felt when we found out. We are just so happy and I think it makes it a little more real to us now that the baby is a "she" and not an "it." Another exciting thing is that I am almost 20 weeks which means that we're already halfway through! :)

It is wonderful to be back in California, I missed home and I really missed Aaron! I do have one more set of photos to share from my trip to Canada. One of the days I was there, my parents and I spent a day out in the country. We went to the Leighton Art Center, got some coffee in Black Diamond, and walked around Sheep Falls.


  1. Congrats... now comes the fun part of picking names, just don't let anyone steer you away from any that you like :0)


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