23 weeks

I am amazed and at times in unbelief that in just 118 days (give or take of course) we get to meet our beautiful daughter. The last few weeks have been especially surreal as I have begun to feel the many kicks and twists and turns of our baby girl. I've also developed quite the belly, overnight it seems! I know I'm not exactly the first pregnant lady to hit the stage, that women have been doing this for thousands of years but I just can't help but be amazed at the process taking place in my body. I'm loving every moment :) Here are some pictures that Aaron took the other day of my preggo belly.


  1. What a perfect shirt for the closeup shot. Cute!

  2. you look so beautiful..
    im loving the pictures you have been taking..

  3. Ahh Sarah. I just want to let you know how happy I am for you. When I looked at the third photo, I touched my computer screen with my fingers. I could actually feel that little bump move under my fingertips. Treasure that feeling.
    Love, Auntie Duzan


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