29 weeks

It's hard to believe that I am already about 3/4 through my pregnancy! The weeks are flying by and we are getting more and more excited to meet our little girl. She is quite the active baby and loves to wiggle and kick and stretch all day, it is the best feeling! Next month my parents are flying down to visit us for a week and my sister is also making plans to stop by for a weekend. I am so excited that they are coming down and that they can see my baby bump in person :)


  1. You bump is so cute! Yeah for you being 3/4 way there. When is your due date? Do you have a name? Haha, so many questions... can you tell I love talking to other preggo mommies?

  2. Hey Marlene!

    Thanks, You are sporting quite the cute bump as well. :) Our due date is December 2, just 10 1/2 short weeks away. We really love the name Talia. There are other names we like but so far that is the one that is really sticking.

  3. Mamas... you look too cute! Keep me posted cause I want to see that Baby girl! Evelyn xoxo


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