Breaking the Silence

Aaron and I have been talking and planning for a while about hosting a conference in November and we are really excited as things have begun to come together. We are also very excited about our speakers for the event, Joel Manderfield and Cody Archer. Joel is one of Aaron's good friends from college, he lives in Medellin, Columbia and works as a youth pastor and a director of CFNI Bible College. Cody is another dear friend of ours from Alberta, Canada (woot woot!) and has been living in Pismo Beach, California for the last 3 years working with YWAM. The focus of the weekend will be "Breaking the Silence." We'll be talking about becoming an influential voice to the community and the nations. It is going to be an awesome weekend and if you are interested in knowing more you can shoot me an email.

This is a flyer that I put together for the conference. Aaron shared with me the concept he had for the photo and so I bought some duct tape, called some friends and headed to a back alley for a little photo shoot. We tried some different things and this is what we came up with.