Kelly's Visit

This week we had an awesome visit with our dear friend, Kelly. Aaron and I met Kelly in Costa Rica five years ago, the same time we met each other! It was so cool to catch up with her and to reminisce about way back when. She is just one of those people who will remain a close friend despite time and distance and every time she comes out to see us we know we are in for a great time and good, long conversations. On Tuesday it was nice and sunny so we drove out to LA and walked around the Getty Center and afterwards we headed over to Old Town Pasadena for dinner. Kelly, thank you so much for making us a stop on your trip to California. We always value the time we get to spend with you and next time you come we won't forget to break out the bag of Dove dark chocolates :)
I love this shot that Kelly took of Talia all snuggled in her Maya wrap

Another shot by Kelly
Snuggles and smiles in the morning are a great way to start your day :)