A Surprise Visit!

Last Monday we drove out to the Palm Springs airport to pick up my mom who was coming down for a visit. When we arrived I headed to the baggage claim to look for her. I scanned the crowd and as soon as I spotted my mom I noticed my grandma standing beside her! What an awesome surprise! I was so excited that she came and was able to meet her great granddaughter. We had a really fun week and it was so cool for the four generations to be together. Thank you so much for coming mom and grandma, we loved having you!! xoxo 

We spent an afternoon at Oak Glen and had the best.apple.pie.ever
My beautiful Grandma Pat
We also spent a day at Balboa Beach and had lunch on the pier
Tali with her Yaya (and her very cute headband that I made for her!)


  1. Looks like fun! Super cute headband- how did you make it? I may need to copy you!

  2. Thanks! They are super easy to make.

    I just got some silk flowers, took out all the plastic bits, glue gunned it back together and added some pearls in the middle.

    Then you can either just glue it to a headband and be done or what I did is glue gunned a loop of ribbon around the headband and added a clip to the flower so that I can interchange the flowers and bands.


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