Forest Falls

We have had our fair share of visitors over the last few months. My mom, dad, sister, nephew, brother, grandma, and two dear friends have each had a stay in our guest room. (Maybe we should install a revolving door!) We have so enjoyed each and every guest who has come to see us and to meet the newest addition to the Ortega family. This past week we were able to spend some time with my brother who flew in from Mazatlan, Mexico. He just completed a school with YWAM and after his stay with us he flew to Canada to spend a week with my family and then he'll be heading back down south to continue his schooling. On his last day in California we drove up to Forest Falls and walked some of the trails. Thanks for coming Ben!
Ok so this isn't Forest Falls but here is a cute pic of Ben and Talia by the pool :)


  1. Hola Sarah
    My name is Karla and I´m from Monterrey, México. The other day I was sailing randomly here in blogspot and found your blog... I just would like you know that your blog is amazing! I am a fan of photography and California State,and you live there and all your photos are great, others are amazing andother are just magic! My favorites are those around several towns and cities in California and as you said "life trough my lenses" thank to you I could enjoy a so many places in California :)
    I´ve just been in San Diego three times and I love it!
    Congratulations! You are a great photographer!

  2. Sarah, I was looking for images of Forest Falls and found your site. Amazing shots! I love how you captured the beauty of Forest Falls all within the confines of your lens. All your photographs are great, but what I love the most was the shot you captured of Talia... she may be your greatest production, but you captured such a beautiful moment that you'll never get back. She's looking at the concrete like she's thinking, "I'll conquer you yet! I'll be walking in no time!"
    ~Ana Mendez

  3. Karla and Ana, thank you for your kind words! I always appreciate peoples comments. Thanks for stopping by!


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