9 months

I don't know where the time went but our little girl is already 9 months! She is such a happy, curious, and sweet baby full of life and spunk. It is amazing to watch her discover and explore her world and to see her little personality form. Our love for her grows every day and we are insanely blessed to be her parents.  Happy 9 months baby girl.
Thanks Diana for snapping this shot of the three of us!


  1. Sarah,

    My name is Jesse. I ran across your blog with the simple "Next Blog" tab at the top left of each blog. I am an amateur photographer (at best). At least, I enjoy taking pictures. You have a beautiful website and photography. I also liked your idea of placing pictures down your sidebar with captions of where they were taken. I had a similar idea for my blog for pictures of my wife and I. I can't figure how you did that. Would you share how you did? My wife and I are originally from Iowa, moved to North Carolina three years ago for grad school, moved to Virginia last year for my job, then just moved to South Carolina last month for another job. I can't imagine moving to different countries like you and your husband have. We greatly miss our families too but like you, we don't miss the cold! I would like to highlight all the places my wife and I have been together on my blog. Thanks for any help and sorry for littering your blog with this story of a comment.

  2. Hey Jesse,
    Great to hear from you and I'm glad you came across my blog. I checked out your site and you have some great photos too.
    Here is how to put the pictures down the sidebar. Go to your blogger dashboard and select "design" and then at the sidebar area select "add gadget." Scroll down and you will see a picture gadget. Here you can upload a photo and add a caption. If you want to add more you have to add a new photo gadget for each one.
    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. Sarah your baby is so cute! Congrats! :-)

    Michelle Schafer


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