Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and friends today. We had a really great day and it has been even more special because my family hasn't been all together like this for Christmas since 2007! My sister went all out and cooked up quite the feast, everything was so delicious and I definitely need to go on a good walk in the woods tomorrow! It was a perfect day and my heart and and my tummy are happy.

 Here are some photos from Christmas Eve when we took our girl tobogganing for the first time. Ever since we started planning our trip to Canada I couldn't wait to take Talia out in the snow. It's been so fun getting her all bundled up and seeing her enjoy new things, like soaring down a hill on a piece of blue plastic all by herself... (Just kidding, it was more like a gentle slope and she liked it, I promise!)
My favorite, I love this photo.

 Frost makes everything lovely


  1. Cute pictures in the snow! Where did you go to find the snow over Christmas? Did you stay in California?


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