diy {onesie cupcakes}

There must be something in the water because it seems as though so many people I know are pregnant (I can think of 9 off the top of my head!) I was actually just at a baby shower this past weekend and put together a fun gift (an idea I found here) so if you are looking for something cute and creative to bring to your next baby shower I have just the thing for you, cupcake onesies!
Here's the supplies I used:
4 onesies
4 receiving blankets
4 elastic bands
4 coffee filters
a cupcake bakery box (you can get them at Michael's or Joann's)
 First I folded up the receiving blankets until they were 3 inches wide
Then I laid a onesie over my fist and made an indent in the center
 I took the outsides of the onesie a brought them in, tucking them into the center
 I laid the onesie at the end of one of the blankets and rolled it up
 Then I secured it with a rubber band
 Finally, I placed it in a coffee filter and tied on a ribbon
 Once I made all 4 cupcakes I placed them in the bakery box and tied it with baker's twine. Voila!
Instantly makes a simple package of onesies and blankets look so much cuter right?
Are you excited to go to a baby shower now so you can try it out??

I have two more diy gifts to share from this weekend and these next two can actually be modified to use for any occasion (birthday, mother's day, house warming...) or simply to make something pretty for yourself. :) Stay tuned...


  1. What a great idea!

    I like the new take on your blog as well...DIY projects and creating an artisitc space to share with others. I truly enjoy reading (and now learning from) your blog! :)

  2. these are adorable! could i post this on my Darling Little Details Blog - and link over to you?

  3. Hi Jacin,
    Thanks for the sweet comment. Of course you can post it and thank for asking :)

  4. Thanks so much for this super cute tut.

  5. Love this idea!! Can't wait to try this for my sister-in-laws baby shower.

  6. This would be perfect! I have been trying to think of a super cute baby gift. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is adorable! I can't wait to make these. They'd be perfect to make ahead for that last minute gift.

  8. by the way... I pinned this. This is just too cute!

  9. Seriously, this is so cute, I'm going to run out and make some of these tomorrow. For myself! I'm due in April and who says you can't make your own shower gifts?? Thanksf or the tutorial!

  10. This is a good idea! I like so much your blog! I'm a crafter too. Thank you very much for the tutorials! Kisses from Spain! :)

  11. I am about to make it for my nephew he was born yesterday :)

  12. I came across this on Pinterest and love it. Would it work with 6 months onesies as opposed to newborn or 0-3 months?

    1. Yes, this would totally work with 6 month onesies! I can't remember exactly but I believe I used 3 or 6 month size for this particular tutorial.

    2. Thank you! What size coffee filters are those? I used ones that fit our coffee maker and they were too small. I'm not sure if I folded the blankets to thin so when I rolled the roll was too thick. Thanks for any tips!


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