Water Fountain

Last Monday we spent a beautiful afternoon at Victoria Gardens. They have this great area for kids with a big grassy lawn, train rides, and Talia's favorite, the water fountain. This girl loves water (or as she calls it, "wa-wa.") I so enjoyed watching her run around, giggling and squealing in delight as she dodged in between the water jets. My little free spirit child will be one and a half next month and she is already such a fearless, outgoing, and adventurous little girl. Here are some shots I got of her playing in the fountain, enjoy!


 pure joy

 Me and my girl
Talia was playing in the water fountain when the train passed by. 
My girl didn't miss a beat, off she went leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her.
Aaron snapped this picture with his iphone as she ran off and I love it.
To me it captures her little personality perfectly.


  1. So cute! You will treasure these for many years to come. Looks like she was having the time of her life.


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