I have a love of documenting. 
There are so many things I want to remember and I think that's why I have such a love for photography, and why I have kept a blog for the last 5 years and why I have a little journal that I have been writing in everyday since Talia was born. Life happens so fast and I love looking back and remembering moments that might have otherwise become past recollection. 

Because I always have my iphone on me I use it quite a lot as a camera to capture those moments that are here one second and gone the next. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past few months all captured on my iphone.

Aaron snapped this first one with his phone. I love it so much and actually got it developed as an 8x8. 
 wanna play?
 she loves bathtime
 all dressed up for an 80's party
Love this one. She is 1 going on 16...
Reminds me of that subaru commercial that makes me cry every time. (and while we are on the subject of tear inducing commercials, this one takes the cake!)
no dollies for this girl but a red cyclops monster? Takes him everywhere! (Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba)
 my fortune cookie that made me smile
The people at Radio Shack thought Talia was so cute and they gave her a phone! It's just one of those fake display ones but she doesn't know that :)
 Mother's Day
My first attempt at making ceviche. So yummy and I'm happy it turned out well (thanks Karina for the tips!)
 she is in her happy place
 pretty architecture
We went to LA last night to see Jesus Culture at Club Nokia. It was amazing and the anointing over that band is just incredible. I love this shot of Kim Walker and Chris Quilala on stage. Here is one of my favorite songs if you want to give them a listen.
 Me and Aaron at LA Live
 downtown LA


  1. good morning, You have the sweetest little girl, I have three kids. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for coming to my blog. Would you mind sharing a ceviche recipe with your follows and some helpful hints?

  2. I found them! And, well, as expected: your iphoneography skillz rock!

  3. Those are precious and your little girl is beautiful. As a reading teacher, I have to love the one of her totally engrossed in her book.
    It is great to see her enjoying herself so much.


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