Just a short 20 minute drive from my parent's house is beautiful Kananskis Country. We spent a wonderful afternoon together enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the Elbow River. The sky was looking pretty ominous that day but thankfully it didn't start to rain (and hail!) until we were on our way home. I am already making plans in my head to do some camping and hiking next time we are up here and perhaps when the weather is a little more accommodating. Here are some photos from the day.

 Forget Me Not Pond


 Elbow Falls

Talia emulating Little Bo Peep :)


  1. Please explain to me why I live in CA.. I have seen this place many times in my dreams! The dead wood, the wet soil, and gloomy skies...sigh!

  2. I absolutely love this place and I was reminded that it has been too long since I have enjoyed my Canadian roots. We are going home to Canada for a few weeks this summer and I think we will make Kananaskis one of our destinations!

  3. Stunning Sarah.
    Talia as Lil Bo peep has given such a great pose.

    ~~ Bea


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