diy {upcycled & repurposed jewelry}

I was browsing around World Market the other day and came across a cute set of napkin rings which had landed itself in the clearance section due to the fact that it was short a ring. This didn't matter so much to me since I had different plans for these rings anyways.
I disassembled the rings a restrung the beads onto stretchy cord. I had just enough beads to make two bands.
I tied both bands together with a ribbon bow and just like that my clearance napkin holders became a cute bracelet!
And then there's this necklace. I picked it up at a thrift store a long time ago but I just never wore it. I considered adding it to my spring cleaning pile but then I decided to take it apart instead and see what I could come up with :)
I removed the chain and on one of the strands I tied on some cream ribbon and added a pretty felt rosette. Voila.
Oh and if you're wondering how to make that felt rosette here's how...
1. cut a circle
2. cut a curvy spiral into the circle
3. begin rolling from the center until all the felt is wrapped up
4. secure with a little hot glue
So those were my little jewelry "re-dos" that I came up with this week. I suppose this wasn't so much a diy post as it was hopefully a way for you to see that with some really easy and simple changes you can give your jewelry a new look or even create some jewelry out of items intended for something else. I'd love to hear what you come up with!


  1. What a great eye you have to make something beautiful out of something else! I would love to follow your blog but under the 'Followers' section, its blank?

  2. Hi KT,
    Thank you for your kind words :)
    I've noticed that the followers section sometimes comes up blank too. Not sure why it does that...
    It is showing up for me now, maybe try again and see what happens?
    Let me know if it's still not working for you.
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Sarah, I found you today through craftgawker. These pieces are so pretty, and I love all your other cute project ideas too! Your photography is beautiful. I'm so glad I came by. You're the newest addition to my google reader, and I'm one of your new Pinterest fans. :)

  4. Love your blog...isn't Pinterest something! I've been making lots of projects too with felt and birdsnest bead project. Thank you for sharing yours!

  5. Hi! My sister and I used the flower idea for a fundraising thing for a humane society. My sister was a genius and suggested hot-gluing 3 fake pearl beads in the center. they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I did 3 colors. A crimson red, pale pink, and off-white. They were a big hit and we got a lot of money. thanks for sharing your cute ideas!


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