Laguna Beach

Aaron and I enjoy Mondays as our day off. Sometimes we make day trips to the beach or we'll take a little drive to Palm Springs or San Diego. On other days we visit the library, go on a walk to the park, or rent a movie and order Chinese. Whatever we do, we do it together and we've really made it a priority to make Monday a family day. Well, it was on one of these days off that we made an impromptu day trip to Laguna Beach and brought along our friends, Juan and Raquel and their sweet daughter, Alana. It was such a wonderful day made even better by spending it with good company. Here are a few photos I snapped of our trip to the beach. Enjoy!
 Raquel & Alana

the two loves of my life




  1. Wow, that's such a beautiful place. I love the b&w photo of the two little ladies together on the beach. :)

  2. your photo's are amazing! i used to get out to the OC every few months for business. loved to go to las brisa's for a cocktail and that view! so jealous!!

  3. wonderful pictures and subjects! peace&love nicoletta

  4. These photos are so amazing Sarah! The colours are perfect. They make me want to pick up and escape to a beach!



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