diy {burlap cork board}

A few months ago I gave a little makeover to our bulletin board at church, a project that was inspired by this message board from Ballard Designs. I loved the simplicity and the low cost of the project and so I had been wanting to make one on a smaller scale for my own personal space. This week I finally got around to it and do I ever love the results! Want to make your own? You know you want to :)
Here are the steps...

What you'll need:
- cork board
- fabric (I used burlap but you can use whatever you like.)
- upholstery tacks (I found mine at Jo Ann Fabrics)
- scissors
- staple gun
- hammer
Cut out the fabric a few inches bigger than your board.
Staple the fabric to the back of the board.
Push the upholstery tacks around the edge of your board. I placed mine about an inch apart.
Hammer in the tacks and continue all the way around the board.
And that's it! Easy right? Oh, and I also glued some old buttons to thumb tacks to make pretty pins for my board. 
Happy Friday!


  1. Great idea! Thank you! I have one of these in a storage closet and I'm going to fetch it and make it pretty! And it can also be a great gift.

  2. I totally have an unused cork board sitting in the garage. I am going to make this, put my twist on it, & link back to you! Thanks for the inspiring post, and saving my poor old cork board :)

  3. Love this idea ! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my gosh, love this! How simple but clever. BTW...I love your name. It has such a neat "ring" to it. :)

  5. That's great...but will the cloth stretch over it? I mean will there be space between the cloth and the cork board, hence I'll have to use pins with really long needles?

  6. What a wonderful little blog this happy to be here...xo

  7. I really love the simplicity of this project! The tutorial is also very well written! Featured here:

  8. I made one of these too! I love it - it is HUGE and sits on a wall above my desk. check it out!:

    I LOVE knock off crafts!

  9. This board is incredible! I love it so much!

    xo Sam


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