Colombia {Medellin}

We are back from our trip to Colombia! Aaron and I had such an amazing time and Colombia has easily become one of my favorite countries that I have visited. We first arrived in Medellin, a beautiful and bustling city and home to Cristo para las Naciones Comombia. Aaron taught for three days in the classroom and we really enjoyed getting to know the students and staff. From there we flew to Pereira for a few days but that will be another blog post. For now, here are a few shots from around Medellin.

Unfortunately my Canon 5D did not make the trip with me so these photos are from my point and shoot. It was when we were unloading the bags from the car at 5:30 am at LAX that I realized my camera bag was at home on the couch and not in the car! That's ok, I think my Canon G11 held up pretty well  :) Enjoy!
 Aaron teaching at the college

 A beautiful view of the city at sunset
Our friend took us to a production of  "El Escudero Fiel" (The Faithful Squire,) the story of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. It was put on by a theatrical group called "La Tartana" (The Clunker.) It is a very cool company that uses the arts to impact the community.

 Taxis at the airport
 The teeny tiny airplane we took to Pereira
 My view during our flight :)