Colombia {Pereira, Valle de Cocora & Salento}

After a few days in Medellin we hopped on a super small plane and headed to Pereira to visit our good friend, Pastor Juan Salas. Juan has stayed with us on two occasions in California and has become a dear friend to us so we really wanted to go see him and his family while we were in Colombia. We worked with his church while we were there and Aaron preached on Sunday morning and also at a leadership gathering. Our time in Pereira was so wonderful and I loved every moment!

*All images were shot with my Canon G11 point and shoot

The streets of Pereira
 Aaron teaching at the church
 On Sunday afternoon they took us to Valle de Cocora. This was the view of the whole valley. Stunning!
 Our friends from Colombia

 This was at the bottom of the valley
 There were a lot of beautiful horse trails and Aaron rode a horse for the first time!

On our last day on Pereira a sweet couple from the church took us to Salento for the afternoon. I instantly fell in love with this little town. I could have walked up and down the streets all day!

 New friends :)

On our last night we went to a Jesus Adrian Romero concert. It was amazing! We were sitting six rows from the stage and the evening was a perfect end to our stay in Pereira.


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! my father is from columbia, but i've only been there once when I was 3 months old. I'll have to go back!


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