Palm Springs

My mom and dad came down for a visit at the beginning of this month and we had such a wonderful time with them! Talia definitely loves having her Yaya and Grandpa around. It can be difficult to live away from your family so I really cherish and savor the times that we are together.
We spent a few days at Palm Springs and was it ever nice! We sat by the pool, went on walks, took Talia to the playground, and just enjoyed each other's company. My parents offered to watch Talia one evening and sent Aaron and I on a date night. We went out for dinner and then saw the movie, Hugo. We really enjoyed the story, I would recommend it.
I didn't really take too many photos of our trip but I did manage to snap a few of Talia by the pool and at the park. Enjoy!

Talia loved the see saw!
 We pretty much had the pool to ourselves, it was great!

 Catching some sun

The playground was on the way back to our room from the pool so we always had to stop in for some playtime :)