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I wanted to share something with you all that has been on the hearts of my husband and I.

Back in 2004, Aaron and I spent three months at an orphanage in Amravati, India while we were studying with YWAM. A while back ago, Aaron received a message from our Indian friend, Sandesh. Both his parents who ran the orphanage had passed away from illness in the last year. He left his university where he was studying Bio Chemical Engineering and is now running the Agape Home Orphanage by himself. He dropped everything so that the ministry his parents had started wouldn’t be abandoned.

He asked us for help and he asked us to pray for him but the Lord was putting more on our hearts. Aaron felt that the Lord was calling him back to India and create a bridge with Agape Home. At first we were a little hesitant since I will be eight months pregnant while he is away but God gave us peace. We want to be obedient to God's call even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Aaron will be gone from February 20 - March 14, 2012. I am asking for your prayers for Aaron, our family, Sandesh, and the children of Agape Home. Also, for the months of January and February, 100% of the proceeds from my Etsy store, Poppy & Pine will go towards Aaron's trip and to Agape Home.

You can watch this video that my husband put together to find out more.


  1. Hi Sarah- That's an amazing act of sacrifice and obedience on your husband's part and yours to go while you're pregnant. I'll be praying for you guys and the Agape House. Our former church used to partner with a pastor in India who ran an orphanage as well. I wonder if your friend knows him. His name was Stephen Veerapanini (sp?) Please keep us posted on the works there. I know that you guys will be blessed for your obedience and love as will Sandesh and the children.

    btw- many of my friends/family have been a part of YWAM.


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