San Francisco

On our second day in San Francisco we saw a little bit of everything! We didn't have too much of a plan but rather just went where the wind took us. Here are some photos from the day.

We started out just strolling around the neighborhoods

Lombard Street (aka: the crooked street)

Ghirardelli Square

 The Cannery
We hopped on a cable car and then took the subway and ended up in the Mission district. (Oh how I love the transit system in SF, it is so easy to go anywhere!)
 We finally ended up at Union Square which was our last stop of the day.


  1. Great photos!


  2. I LOVE Frisco. Great shots...nice angles and tones. have fun!

  3. I lived in San Francisco for years (and dearly miss it) and your beautiful photos took me back there in an instant!


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