During our trip to Canada last month, we were unexpectedly surprised with a little getaway to Canmore. A family friend of my new sister-in-law offered their vacation home to us and we were so blessed by their generosity and kindness. (Thank you Swartz family!)
This was definitely a highlight of our trip. It was so wonderful for our little family to have some good quality time together out in the mountains, enjoying the scenery and each other.

When we first arrived we spent some time at the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park.
Talia was very intrigued by the kayakers, she wanted to take this "yellow boat" for a spin :)
Me and my little dude.
I promise I didn't match our outfits on purpose! It would be embarrassing to admit just how many times I unintentionally do this. Am I the only one?? I usually don't even notice until someone points it out to me or in this case, until I saw the photo...

 Pretending to fish

We drove in to town for some lunch and as were returning back to the house, I spotted this cool wooden walkway so we pulled over and went for a stroll.

When we came back to the house, Aaron and Talia went for a nap. I thought that sounded like a great plan too but Liam decided that he was wide awake so we did a little photo shoot instead.


When Liam finally fell asleep, Talia was up and ready to play so I took her for a walk and we came across this awesome playground in the woods. I love spending one-on-one time with her. She has adapted very well to having another sibling but her little brother can require a lot of my attention so making time for just me and her is so important.

The next day as we headed back home, we made a stop for a little hike in the woods.

I love this picture! It reminds me of The Giving Tree, one of my favorite books by Shel Silverstein