Hilltop Ranch

While we were up in Canada visiting my family last month I realized how much I miss Alberta's beautiful scenery. Here in Southern California we are so used to being surrounded by the city, so to be out in the country with all it's wide open spaces was so refreshing. It's interesting how much more you appreciate something when it isn't common to you.
My parents live south of the city and right across the road is a lovely bed and breakfast called Hilltop Ranch. We had an especially good time waking around and exploring their land. Here are a few photos from Hilltop. Enjoy!

Yaya & Liam
Talia loved this little red Triumph. She kept saying, "My car!"
And a few other shots from back at home...

Yaya and Grandpa with the grandkids
Oh, there's nothing like your children sleeping soundly after a full busy day of play out in the country!


  1. So beautiful! Makes me want to visit Alberta :) www.simplyalexandramyfavoritethings.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Alexandra! It is one of my favorite places, definitely worth a visit :)


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