21 weeks

Our little guy is growing so fast! It is hard to believe that in just a few days he will be hitting the 5 month mark. When did that happen?? It is all going too fast as as excited as I am to see him grow and change and hit new milestones, a part of me just wants to hold onto these moments and savor them.
Liam is such a sweet baby, generous with his smiles and coos, and his demeanor is so mellow and laid back. I am absolutely crazy about him and I could kiss those cheeks all day!
Here are some photos I took the other day at 21 weeks. He is such a stud ;)

In other news, I have some diy projects on the way so stay tuned for some fun tutorials. I have been enjoying being a momma to my two little ones and also running my Etsy shop so I must admit that sometimes blogging can fall to the wayside. Thank you for sticking with me and being patient!

 This photo makes me crack up! "Heyyy Ladies..."

 Here is the first photo again in black and white :)


  1. Handsome lil' cutie pie! :D

  2. Love your awesome blog!
    By the way, you said that you and your husband are pastors, what denomination are you?


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