the little moments

We took the kids out to the park one day for a fun little photo shoot. I picked up a few red balloons to use in the pictures and I love how they came out!

I love taking pictures of my kids. I know they will grow and one day I'll look back at these images and wonder how they could have ever been so small. I hope that they bring back wonderful memories.

With these little ones, my days are full and there are so many moments I wish I could freeze in time.

Like the shy, sleepy smile on my little girl's face when she wakes up from her nap and wants a hug and a cuddle.

Or when my son bursts into laughter when we're playing. When I repeat whatever made him laugh, he giggles even harder. I just want to bottle it up. That sound, that feeling.

When she wants mommy to tuck her in and read her a book at the end of the day and then she prays with her eyes closed tight and tells God about her day and thanks him for Mommy and Daddy and brother and Buzz Lightyear. My heart could burst.

When he is tired and just wants to be held and nursed and his little body curls in close to mine and falls fast asleep in my arms. I breathe in that moment and want to remember that feeling forever.

Of course parenthood has its crazy moments too, don't get me wrong. There are tantrums and tears and teething and a pile of laundry that won't wash itself. There are times when I would like some peace and quiet and a clean house.

But those moments, the little moments that sneak their way in through the ordinary, those are what stir my heart and that is what I want to remember when I think back on these days.

Just before the sun went down we spent some time playing at the park.