Laguna Beach

I was clearing the table from breakfast one morning when Aaron suggested that we go somewhere with the kids. I thought he meant the park or maybe the library but he was shooting more for the coast. It was our day off so we didn't really have anything on the agenda and I liked the idea of a spontaneous trip to the beach. We packed up the kids, a few towels, a nice lunch, and made our way to Laguna.

We have a favorite spot we like to go to and we were happy to find it quite deserted. It's always a treat to have the place to yourselves. The kids played in the sand, we laid out in the sun, explored the tide pools and the arch, and had a wonderful little afternoon together.

In the evening we grabbed some dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, walked around downtown Laguna, and treated ourselves to some gelato ice cream. The whole day was so enjoyable and the fact that it was unplanned made it even better! Here's to more impromptu family days in the future :)