little red riding hood and the huntsman

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe halloween. We had such a great time with the kids and they really enjoyed dressing up, playing with their friends, and getting candy (of course.)

I had a lot of fun putting together the kids costumes this year. I loved hunting around different thrift stores and using what I had on hand to get that cute homemade look. Doing it this way is also very cost effective, my total for both costumes came out to $10. That's pretty good considering that a lot of kid's costumes can set you back 25-$30 each! Here is the breakdown of their outfits:

red riding hood
red dress - $5 from a children's consignment store (originally part of a gypsy costume, I cut off the purple sleeves.)
hood and apron - a good friend of mine sewed them for me (fabric was $3)
wicker basket - .90 from a thrift store
tights and shoes - had on hand

plaid shirt - borrowed from a friend
suspenders - $1 from a thrift store (they were adult size so I cut and re-sewed them to make them smaller)
axe - made with cardboard, duct tape and yarn that I had on hand. The black pole I cut from a halloween pitchfork that I thrifted for .10
jeans and shoes - had on hand

So there you have it! Here are a few more pictures of my little cuties all dressed up.

We met up with our good friends and their cute kiddos who were dressed up as a little football player and cheerleader


  1. It was our best Halloween yet! We had a blast with you guys. I'm so impressed with how the costumes came out. You did great!

    1. Thanks! We had so much fun with you guys too :)


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