Los Osos

On my list of favorite things to do, exploring new places would be somewhere up at the top. There's just something about going somewhere for the first time and not knowing what lies ahead and every sight being new. Since we just moved to the central coast six months ago, there are lots of new spots  here for us to explore.

This past Saturday we checked out Los Osos Oaks State Reserve. I thought this place was absolutely magical! It was a wonder to walk through the stunning oak trees that twisted and turned at every angle. The kids were in absolute heaven too, playing with an endless supply of leaves and sticks and running through all the winding paths. It was quite a pretty backdrop for our little family morning. We all enjoyed it so much and I know we be back soon, next time I'm bringing a picnic! Here are a few photos from our day.


  1. So gorgeous! What a fun place to live, so much to explore nearby. :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I love exploring new places too, but I've never been anywhere that beautiful. I kind of feel like I am there with your amazing photos though!

    1. Thanks Laura! It really was a little hidden gem, we've passed by on that road quite a few times and would have never known it was there!


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