kananaskis // canada trip part one

Earlier this month, Talia and I traveled up to Canada to visit my family in Alberta. It was an incredible trip and we had so much fun. I hadn't seen my family for a whole year so I really soaked up every moment. Talia was such a good little travel buddy and did amazing on all four flights. I really enjoyed having her with me for this trip. The last time she was in Canada was two summers ago so it was great to see her experience it again.

One of the highlights of our stay was a two-night camping trip with my parents, my sister and her three boys. On our way to the campsite we made a couple of stops to enjoy some favorite locations in Kananaskis Country. 
We stopped at Mount Lorette Ponds for a picnic lunch and a little hike around the lake
The water was so clear and the most beautiful shades of blue and green
Back in the RV we went and off to our next stop
Upper Kananaskis Lake
Can you spot my family at the shore? The kids could have spent all day throwing rocks in the lake!
More photos to come! 


  1. These views are absolutely breathtaking. I love Canada so much. My husband and I have been to Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia, but would LOVE to go west! :) Alberta just looks so beautiful in every picture I see. I love the mountains so that is a definite plus.. :) So glad that you got to spend time with your family and show your daughter Canada again. -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Thanks so much Alexandra! You are too sweet. Alberta really is amazing, you guys would love it!

  2. So SO pretty! We just got back from the Tetons and Yellowstone, and I thought that was incredible! Your photos are AMAZING!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Loved the photos from your trip!


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