camping at mount kidd // canada trip part two

During our stay in Alberta we spent an awesome three days camping at Mount Kidd with my parents, my sister and her three boys. Talia hadn't seen her cousins in two years and hadn't met the newest little guy altogether! They all got along extremely well and had so much fun with each other. The area was absolutely picturesque with surrounding mountains and woods. It was definitely one of the highlights of our visit.
our campsite backed right onto these woods, so beautiful!
the three dudes...
The kids loved playing bocce ball in the forest
There was even a cute little wading pool and an ice-cream shop
On our way home we made a stop at Wedge Pond for a dip in the water and a picnic lunch in the woods, a perfect way to end a great camping trip!
Here are a few other bits and pieces from our Canada visit . . .
My mom leads hiking and snowshoe groups (depending on the season) so while I was up there I asked if she would take me on one of her hikes. We did a most amazing trail on the High Noon Hills. The view at the end was incredible! I loved how she could name all of the plants and wildflowers, such a sweet mama :)
We also spent a morning at Lake Bonavista. Growing up, I spent so many summer days here and I loved watching my own daughter enjoy a place that I loved as a kid. 
My Grandma and Grandpa hung out in the sun while their great grandkids played in the water. They are the best.
Talia enjoyed our evening walks to get the mail
And that's it! What a trip it was. My heart was so full as I left my family and my homeland. It really was such a sweet time with the people I love and wish I could see more often. Distance can be such a tricky thing. Thankfully visits like these make it a little easier to bear. 
Hope you enjoyed the photos! xoxo 


  1. What an adventure for your daughter. I can't imagine what a trip like this is for a child. I'm sure it's incredible! And cousins are such a treasure. My sister and I were lucky to grow up with ours nearby, and spending frequent holidays and birthdays together. I just threw a bachelorette sleepover for my sister, and my cousins were able to come, it was like old times. It makes me smile to see your little girl with hers! Though I will admit there are no boys on the side of my family I see frequently so I have no idea what that is like! :) Your grandparents are so adorable, it makes me miss my grandmother.. who luckily is flying in from Phoenix in just a few weeks. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, I am sure that you will both remember this trip for such a long time! -Alexandra

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  2. I love the cloud shadows on the mountains. So beautiful! And that picture of your grandparents if perfect. I hope you guys had the BEST trip!


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