Pismo Beach

At the beginning of the month, Aaron was invited to go teach at YWAM Pismo Beach for the week. Talia and I came along with him and it was wonderful! We have done a lot of work with YWAM in the past (that is actually how we met!) so it was really cool to be back in that environment for a few days. I really wanted to be in the classroom for Aaron's lectures as he taught on the character and the father heart of God. We attended the first day of class but it is not so easy keeping a busy toddler quietly entertained for 3 1/2 hours :) For the remaining days while Aaron taught, Talia and I explored the central coast, went on walks, played at parks and had some good mommy & daughter time. It was a lovely week and we always enjoy going up there.

In other news, Aaron left for India early yesterday morning. It takes two days of travel to get to his destination so I believe he should be arriving in Amravati late tonight (which will be tomorrow morning/afternoon for him.) I want to thank you all for your prayers and support for his trip and for Agape Home Orphanage! (You can read this post to find out more.)

Also, I am 33 weeks today! Only about 7 more weeks to go... I feel great most days but there are definitely some days that I feel very... pregnant :) I just can't wait to meet our little boy! There's still some things I'd like to accomplish before the little guy gets here. I am on a mission to sort through, organize and edit my photos, get up to date with posts and scrub the floor with a toothbrush... oh wait I think that last one was just my nesting instinct kicking in ;) Either way, hopefully you'll be hearing more from me on the blog. It's been a busy few months and so posting has been put on the back burner but I will do my best to catch up and stay up to date.

And now, here's some photos from our outings around and about the central coast. Enjoy!

We stayed at the student house in Shell Beach, it was beautiful!
The house also happened to be down the street from a park which Talia was very happy about.

 One morning we walked around The Village in Arroyo Grande

 Talia loved the swinging bridge

 On another day we went to Pismo Beach, walked in the sand, and played on the swings.


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